Crafted wood products as unique as you

When you work with Timbered Art, you’re dealing with a craftsman, not an assembly line.

Most people want something fresh when they’re looking for a gift, but few things stand out these days. Our cutting boards and other wood products are custom and creative, satisfying the most unique needs. Customers who buy from us experience quality and service, even on tight schedules. Eli Cuellar, master woodturner and artist, doesn’t do the ordinary. He and his team create the unique products you’re looking for.


What sets us apart?

Expert Craftsmanship

We take time to produce unique items for our customers. Few companies offer our level of customization, quality and customer service.

Tried & True Technique

We combine tried-and-true techniques, such as hand-sanding and shaving, with our precision laser engraver to turn every item into a personalized masterpiece.

Crafted Just for You

While we specialize in custom cutting boards and serving platters, you can expect creative solutions for all your gift and service needs. See our photo gallery for inspiration.

We get to work with some pretty amazing people

“I don’t just highly recommend the product, I recommend Eli.

Michael Scott
Executive Chef, Rosewood Ranch

I had not found anyone that was even close to this quality.

Sherry Cherry
CEO, Cherry on Top Gifts

I give these cutting boards because there’s thought in them.

Susan Ferguson
Realtor, Ebby Halliday Realty

By using Timbered Art, we’re supporting a local artisan.

John Franke
Corporate Executive Chef at Front Burner Restaurants

Eli designs what you ask him to design.

Stan Rodrigues
Chef De Cuisine at 60 Vines

Greatest attribute next to quality of work was Eli’s communication.

Mark Daverio
Chef De Cuisine at The Ranch

Let’s make something!