Eli Cuellar handcrafts each piece with an expert eye for quality and detail

Eli Cuellar loves working with wood. He has pursued his hobby of woodworking and woodturning for over twenty years and has transformed this interest into a business with Timbered Art. Eli works with many mediums - from domestic and exotic hardwood to inlays of turqoise, cabochon, coral and gemstone, each piece highlights his commitment to beautiful and custom craftsmanship.

Trained in the craft by masters such as David J. Marks of DIY’s Woodworks and woodturner/artist Trent Bosh, Eli creates each product with quality in mind - he doesn’t believe in doing the ordinary, but instead creates unique yet practical products for his customers.

After 26 years of service, Eli retired from his work as a police officer with the Plano PD. Eli works at his Timbered Art Woodshop and Studio in the small town of Saint Paul, Texas. He is a member of the Dallas Area Woodturners.

Let’s make something!