I had not found anyone that was even close to this quality.

Sherry Cherry
CEO, Cherry on Top Gifts

"I had not found anyone that was even close to this quality. I can offer a new custom look for my customers. Packaging is key in my business. You can have a wonderful-tasting." - Sherry Cherry


I give these cutting boards 70% of the time because there's thought in them.

Susan Ferguson
Realtor, Ebby Halliday Realty

Susan Ferguson of Ebby Halliday Realty looks for closing gifts that go with the new homeowners. Timbered Art cutting boards with the owner’s name engraved is often the personalized closing gift she needs. New owners love the boards and use them as art, or want more to give as gifts. It’s the personal touch Susan includes in her job of making people feel at home.


I don’t just highly recommend the product, I recommend Eli.

Michael Scott
Executive Chef, Rosewood Ranch

When Michael Scott started working with Eli, lead times were established, the artwork sent over, digitized, a mock sent back. Order placed, made and delivered. A flawless process and gorgeous work.

"It’s the difference between working with a rep vs. actually talking to the man who’s building these and having creative influence on the product.” - Michael Scott


By using Timbered Art, we’re supporting a local artisan.

John Franke
Corporate Executive Chef at Front Burner Restaurants

Front Burner Restaurants uses Timbered Art extensively in four of their restaurants—Ida Claire, The Ranch at Las Colinas, 60 Vines, and Whiskey Keg. Eli creates unique serving boards using rolling pins and wood combinations.

“If we needed large volumes we wondered, could he really do it? The answer was yes.” - John Franke


Eli designs what you ask him to design.

Stan Rodrigues
Chef De Cuisine at 60 Vines

60 Vines is Front Burner’s California-themed restaurant. For their special board, Eli pressed together several woods—purple heart, maple, cherry, walnut and red oak to create a redwood-colored board, a unique tie-in to the California-themed restaurant. It lets servers tell customers the story behind the California concept of the locally-made redwood board.

“Eli designs what you ask him to design, and he’s easy to work with. The boards come the way we want them.” - Stan Rodrigues


Greatest attribute next to quality of work was Eli’s communication.

Mark Daverio
Chef De Cuisine at The Ranch

“Greatest attribute next to quality of work was Eli’s communication. He was easy to work with. If any questions or concerns came up they were addressed quickly and professionally.” - Mark Daverio

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